Framed Giclee Miniatures - Ornaments!
Framed Miniature Giclees on Canvas
also used as Christmas Ornaments

Each subject is a high-quality Giclee on Canvas, produced in our own studio, and
hand-signed on the glass, then framed in silver-tone 2"X3" frame.

$26 Each - Christmas Special $16 Each!
Anna's Hummingbird, framed mini giclee
"Anna's Hummingbird"
Costas Hummingbird framed mini giclee
"Costas Hummingbird"
  Blue Throated Hummingbird framed mini giclee
"Blue Throated Hummingbird"
  Rufous Hummingbird framed giclee mini
"Rufous Hummingbird"
Black Throated Hummingbird framed mini giclee
"Black Chinned Hummingbird"

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Polar Bear "Living o the Very Edge"
"Living on the Very Edge"
Polar Bear


  "Still Standing" Whitetail Deer in Snow framed mini giclee
"Still Standing" Whitetailed Deer in Snow

Lion "Approaching Reign"
"Approaching Reign" Lion
Leopard "Sound of Silence"
"Sound of Silence" Leopard

Eagle_Seascape_framed mini giclee
"Eagle and Seascape"

  Quail in flight Framed mini glicee


Elephant "Invincible"
"Invincible" Elephant

"Snow Bird" Female Cardinal
Female Cardinal - "Snow Bird"


"Snow Bird" Male Cardinal
Male Cardinal - "Snow Bird"

  "Just A Nominal Charge" Baby Elephant
"Just A Nominal Charge"
Baby Elephant

" Lion of Judah"

"Timeless Place" Leopard
  "Rufous Hummingbirds"
"Rufous Hummingbird"
  "Winter's Gift" Cedar WaxWings
"Winter's Gift"
Cedar Wax Wings

"Points of Interest "

"High Browse" Giraffe Portrait

"New Cardinal"
"Rubythroat Hummingbird"

"A Reason to Strut"

"Fighting Gamecock "

Signed Giclee,
framed in silver-finish
All priced the same
All images 2" x 3"




Lion Pair -"Savannah Royalty"
"Mtn Gems" Hummingbird
"Mountain Gems" Hummingbird

"Lilac Rollers"

"Painted Bunting"



"Winter Cardinals "

"Blue Morpho" Butterfly


"Flying the Highlands "


"Barbet" (African Bird)

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"America's Goatman"


"Red Fox"


"Defender of Freedom"


Night Eyes  Flying Squirrel Framed mini giclee
"Night Eyes" Flying Squirrel

Another Spring- Sue Alston framed mini giclee
"Another Spring" Sue Alston